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Mine and SannanaBannana's entry for the Extra Credits 5th Game Jam! Run through an office environment, kick down doors and obstacles, and slide under tables to reach your goal, whatever it may be!

The theme for this jam was "Passage", and so we felt somewhat inspired to take a literal spin on it by re-living the stress of trying to find your way to the nearest unoccupied toilet, or some conference room in a nebulously designed building.

(We had some weird bugs with the Web build, so please bear with downloading the standalone version~ thank you)

Recommended way of play:
PC, Mouse & Keyboard at a 16:9 resolution.
Other resolutions should still work but may have varying degrees of UI discrepancies, or in-game bugs


  • Kick down doors and certain obstacles by pressing the Right Arrow key, or the X button (on 360 controllers).
  • Slide under other obstalces by pressing the Down Arrow key, or the O button (on 360 controllers).


Out of the Way (standalone).zip 24 MB


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Super fun, upbeat side scroller! I enjoyed it lots, I just suck! :D Your game is first :)

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Ay, thanks for playing! I'm happy to say you did beat the game! We just had the very unfortunate bug of spawning the failure screen even when you get to the end - and unfortunately we didn't catch it until after we submitted. Happy you had fun, and we're sorry for not giving you a proper victory!

These things happen, it was pretty clear I had beat the game anyway 😁